Featured Case Studies

Access Bank

The Access Bank HR team having had low turnout in previous recruitment campaigns, needed to increase the quality and quantity of applicants for better variety.


However, based on the perception of its working environment it seemed a horrendous task. We sat down with the Corporate Communications team and the HR team, and realized they had a strong training school which they never celebrated or properly leveraged.


IMC proposed positioning the school open for admission rather than the bank. Traditional print and online media were used with a spin on exceptional personalities with that x-factor only eligible for admission.

Dream Trading

Dream Trading a subsidiary of The Ibru Group dealing in antiques, interiors and accessories. Established over 19 years ago with the same clientele (upper class, middle aged tier) needing a drastic move to remain in business, as the culture for antique collection was nonexistent in the present Nigerian Environment.

Our approach

Rebrand and standardize their identity without losing its Heritage. With the emerging middle-class tier in society, increase tagret market scope to accommodate the younger upwardly mobile generation.

Bring the business online with a functional website, and customer engagement through social media channels.

Introduce a gift voucher system and wedding register. Organize a bazar event, with the right promotion on social media channels and blogs. Special invites were sent to existing clientele. Continuous sustained engagement on social media and bi-annual bazar events where it becomes common culture in society lifestyle.



The Brand of our Forefathers.

Do the next statements ring a bell in your ears;

“Remember the son of whom you are, and never bring disgrace to our family”

“I know John and he can NEVER do that, its not in his nature”

What was in a name? why did they even